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Something’s gotta give now

Hello world, are you out there?

So, I’m unemployed, can’t figure out what my ‘dream job’ is, and despite sending out dozens of resumes and cover letters, haven’t had much luck landing an actual paid position.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree about a month ago, and ever since then have been desperately trying to figure out “what I want to do in life”. Thing is, I know the general area that interests me, but the serious lack of relevant jobs advertised has caused me to re-think my qualifications and where they will take me.

Gone are the days when a Bachelor’s degree used to be enough! At least in North America. To be honest, I’ve been aware of the “economic situation” (i.e. lack of jobs) for a while – and actually started looking for employment, sending out resumes, etc. while I was a finishing up my final semester. And I thought this would be enough. A definite leg up on the competition! If I started 2-3 months early, I’d definitely have a secure job by the time I graduated. I’ve heard that on average, it takes a new grad 3-6 months to land a good job. Of course, that depends on what you define as “good” – but I think I’d be speaking for all new grads when I define it as one that a) pays well, and b) actually uses the degree I spent 5 years completing.

Now, I’m pretty disheartened and don’t really know what I should be doing to solve this problem. Should I keep applying for mediocre positions? Is that how you eventually get the job you want…? Should I broaden my search to different cities? Or to include positions outside the area my degree is in? Or maybe I should just go full circle and right back to school – get a certificate in something way more practical and useful – like Business or Marketing (by current degree is pretty technical)?

That was my story. I’m still working on the job front, hoping someone out there wants me. How did you find your current job? Are you still looking? Or are you just in the same boat altogether – unsure if the degree you pursued was really worth it?

Here, share your story, give some tips, or just plain old vent.




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