So we (the bloggers) are two grads fresh out of University with our Bachelor’s degrees, trying to figure out what shape our lives are supposed to take now. Our stories are really quite similar, which is why we’ve decided to blog about life after!

As the first tab says, this blog is really just our way to vent. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, both when completing our academic careers and now, when embarking upon our real ones. Through our experiences, we want to provide those going through the same things, with some support, an area to share your stories, and a place to air your frustrations!

Chances are, regardless of where you are in your career – whether you’ve figured it out, are in the middle of figuring it out, or don’t know how to start figuring it out, you can either get some advice from this blog, or can help someone feeling a bit lost. So, jump in and start venting.

Apart from blogging, we’re going to start posting interesting links that we’ve found most useful in helping us through the transition. Trying to navigate the hundreds of job search engines and ‘resume/CL/interview tips’ sites out there is pretty tiring – and most sites don’t bring anything new or unique to the table. We’ve been through the sites, are going through the applications and interviews, and will provide you with a consolidated version of the facts we’ve found most helpful.

We really want this space to be open and informative, so if there’s a particular post, link, or content you want to read about, please let us know here.

Happy Reading!

– Meg and Kay



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